Company Profile

DONG SIN FOOD SDN BHD was established in 1998.  A company backed by more than 10 years of manufacturing & supply of various noodle & foodstuff products located at Sabah, Malaysia.


It has grown from a small beginning to modest company by emphasizing quality & variety in it’s products.  Over the years, it has been expanding rapidly owing to the trust, support and tireless encouragement of our customer.  We are a reliable and dependable supplier to all our value customers.  Our goal is to continue to be the very best supplier we can be for all our value customers.


At present, the company is still investing and looking into new machines that would not only make the company more efficient but also give a better quality product for the consumer at the least possible cost.

As a systematically planned company, we aim at being a major global market exported in this industry.  As preparation for GLOBALIZATION, we take the initiative to ensure our products are at par excellence in meeting our customer’s satisfaction and requirement.


DONG SIN FOOD SDN BHD is now ready to seek a bigger share of the huge global market, either by the direct export of our own brands or via contract manufacturing of customers’ own brands for any specific markets.


We are extremely proud of the success and the growth of the company. We have achieved this success through the contributions our employees, who have superior knowledge and experience in this industry. Our growth and success can also be attributed to the continued support of our customers and suppliers. Our staffs, our customers and our supplies (S-C-S) are our great assets.


We continuously look for opportunities to develop our business & develop our operation.  Hence,  we also able to provide marketing & distribution for your products through our established network.

Talk to us for your trading or contract packaging requirement.  You can be confident that we are always ready to meet your needs. Call us now!



Lot 24, 1st Floor, HTM Inds Estate, Kolombong

P. O. Box 21382, 88771 Kota Kinabalu
Sabah, Malaysia.

Tel:   +6088 380 408  Fax:  +6088 380 407



Mile 5, Jalan Apas,

P. O. Box 61900, 91028 Tawau, Sabah, Malaysia.

Tel:   +6089 918 371   Fax:  +6089 917 381

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